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UK Spouse Visa Telephone Interviews

Ever since the new UK Spouse / Partner Visa Financial Requirements were implemented by the Home Office in 2012, this has led to more complex problems for Sponsor when trying to prove their income especially if they have 2 jobs.

We have seen in recent months that Entry Clearance Officers based in Sheffield, UK have been calling up sponsors to ask in depth questions about their employment status. This has been in cases where the sponsor has held down 2 jobs in order to meet the £18,600 financial requirement threshold. Typical questions that they were asked ranged from:
* How long have you worked in your current role
* What is your hourly rate
* How many hours do you work
* Who else works with you and what are their names
* What is your work address
However questions that throws many people off and makes them panic is:
* Can you describe the building you work in
* What is the colour of the roof of your building
* What buildings are next door
* Do you access your building from a car park or main road
* Is it in an industrial area or a business park

We believe that the Home Office does this to test the credibility of the sponsors employment and to see if it is a genuine place of work and not a fraudulent form of employment. Some sponsors may be tempted to to circumvent the rules if they do not meet the income requirements which will have dangerous legal consequences and will result in a Spouse Visa refusal. It seem as if Home Office are using Google Maps and Google Earth to assess a sponsors place of work but there are serious questions of this being a viable method especially as these images on Google are not updated on a regular basis and can have incorrect data.

If you are in doubt about your employment status and need help in finding a genuine method of meeting the UK Spouse Visa financial requirements then contact us on + 44 1293 522275 or