Our Legal Fees – Fixed and Affordable

At ukspousevisa.com Lawyers, we believe in delivering Visa services that not only produce successful results but are also rendered at a very reasonable price. From filling the application forms and assessing the evidence until the final Visa decision, our legal team supports you on every step of your Visa process. We deal with all the issues that concern you that can occur when applying for a Spouse, Fiancée or marriage Visa, making the entire process quick and easy. Our services are provided at prices that suit most of our clients. We also offer discount packages for multiple applicants.

Fixed Rates

  The assistance provided by ukspousevisa.com Lawyers is based on a fixed fee structure. The charges applied cover all legal expenses of your Visa application from the beginning till a decision is reached by the Home Office. Despite of the complexities or any other issues of your particular case, we do not charge for any extra work.

Free of Hidden Charges

  The Visa and Migration services that you receive from ukspousevisa.com Lawyers are free of any hidden or hourly charges. We set standard rate fees for all our clients applying for a Fiancée or Spouse Visa, unlike other Visa consultancies that charge prices for basic services like telephone calls, postage expenses or drafting additional legal letters and even booking your Embassy appointment. We do not have such hidden surprises. We believe in transparency and before signing the work contract, the entire fee structure is made clear to all our clients.

Two Easy Payment Instalments

  Our mission is to provide services that satisfy our clients. In order to do that we allow our clients to pay the legal fees in two easy instalments. We do not insist on expensive fees and charges for our services like other Visa consultancies and law firms and we also have no hourly charges that add up to your bill. The remaining balance has to be paid once your Visa application is submitted to the Home Office/ British Embassy.