The Services We Offer

UK Visa and Immigration services we provide:

We excel at providing quality Visa and Immigration services to couples and families all across the world. Our Visa services range from initial Visa consultation to the full Visa application service. Due to our diverse range of services, we can offer legal support and assistance at our offices and through phone, skype and emails if the client cannot reach us personally.

The list of Visa services available at Lawyers is as follows:

Full Visa and Immigration Service Package:
  • The preparation of the entire UK Visa case by former UK Home Office / Visa Official. This service will include your initial application that can be made overseas or within the UK. We provide UNLIMITED LEGAL CONSULTATIONS as part of our full Visa and Immigration Service.
  • Legal assistance throughout the Visa procedure in order to complete the application accurately. Help is provided over the telephone, skype, emails or a visit to our offices.
  • A checklist that consists of a list of all the required documents that are needed before starting the Visa procedure. The documents provided are crosschecked by our experts who know what the exact Requirements are for the Visa type you require.
  • A certified legal Visa and Immigration submission letter that is submitted to the UK Visa authorities. The letter comprises of all the details that include all the suitable reasons that make the couple eligible for a UK Spouse Settlement Visa.
  • Explanation of the sponsor’s legal Employment and Income status to the British Embassy or the Home Office. This is most important part of the application process as the legal financial documents must come from the UK sponsor directly, under the Family Migration Rules.
  • Fully completed Visa application form that includes any online application form or any other supplementary form such as the Appendix 2 Form. We present all our applications in a manner expected by the Visa Officer.
  • Setting an appointment for the Visa applicant with the UK Embassy or Home Office authorities in order to submit the application at the Visa application centre. The supporting evidence and all the legal documents are also compiled before the appointment.
  • Guidance on the Home Office English test procedures and preparing the sponsor for the interview with the British Embassy/High Commission.
  • Help with booking a priority service where you can get the decision on your Visa application on the same day (inside UK) and within 4 weeks for overseas. Normal processing times for most UK Settlement Visas made overseas at an Embassy, Consulate or UK Visa centre or inside the UK at the Home Office is anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. In some cases it can go up to 20 weeks depending on UK Government resources and enquiries being made.

Application and Document Checking Services:

SpouseVisaforUK,com Lawyers also check your documents, completed application forms and your supporting evidence / financial documents making sure that you meet the Settlement Visa eligibility criteria. Our team of professional migration agents and Lawyers will guide you on all the appropriate procedures that are required to meet the Border Force Visa Requirements. This service can be helpful if have completed the initial application procedure and do not want our Lawyers to represent you but simply want us to go over the documents you do have. This service is also known as a “Lite - Application” service.

Initial Legal consultation:

Before getting started with the Visa application procedure, it is really important that you understand the pros and cons of applying for a Visa to the UK. This initial consultation proves to be extremely beneficial as we go through the laws, rules, policies, administration procedures and legal Requirements, which can help you to make your decision as a sponsor more informed. Such consultation sessions can be conducted on skype or even on emails where you can receive a legal opinion based on your personal and financial circumstances. You can avail our consultation services by simply contacting us today.

Permanent Residency and Settlement:

After successfully extending your Family Migration Visa or Family Dependant Visa in the UK, the overseas national can apply for a Permanent Residency Visa also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). This Visa will allow the sponsored Partner or family member to stay in the UK without any Immigration time restrictions.

British Citizenship:

Once ILR is legally obtained, the sponsored overseas national can apply for the British Citizenship.  The application for the British Citizenship Procedure can be completed using our UK Citizenship and Naturalisation services. We can keep you updated with all the latest changes and can also guide you about the requirements to qualify for British Citizenship. You can normally apply for British Citizenship immediately after obtaining your Permanent Residency and are not required to wait for 12 months after obtaining ILR to apply.