UK Fiancée Visa

Immigration Settlement Application Requirements

The UK Fiancée Visa is also known as a UK Marriage Visa. This Visa allows the British Citizens and permanent residents of the UK to sponsor their overseas national Fiancée (wife or husband to be). The Fiancée can come to the country only if both the Partners intend to get married inside the UK within 6 months of their Marriage Visa issue date at a UK Register Office. Failure to marry within this period will mean that the overseas citizen will have to leave the UK or apply for an extension and explain why they failed to adhere to the conditions of the Marriage Visa, which is not only expensive but there is a high risk of the application being rejected. During the validity of the UK Fiancée Visa, the holder of this Visa type is NOT permitted to work.

After getting married, the new husband and wife can then apply for a provisional UK spousal settlement Visa for two and a half years which will allow them to work. The application for this extension Visa can be made by making a further leave to remain or FLR(M) application while staying in the UK. This Visa provides the Spouse with conditional residency status after which they can stay extend for another two and a half years to bring them up to a total Five years in the UK.

Eligibility Requirements for the UK Spouse or Married / Civil Partner Visa (UK SETTLEMENT VISA)

To apply for the UK Fiancée Visa, it is important that you meet the eligibility Requirements set by the UK Visa and Immigration authorities. The following, are the basic Requirements needed to be fulfilled by everyone applying for a UK Fiancée Visa.

Present and Settled in the UK:
  • To sponsor your Fiancée, it is mandatory that you are a legal British citizen OR a permanent resident.
  • You and your Fiancée should be at least 18 years old to apply.
Intention to Marry:
  • You should be free to marry each other legally and NOT be in a marriage to someone else.
  • You and your Fiancée should know each other and should have met in person before.
  • You and your Fiancée should have a clear and genuine intention to marry each other in the UK within 6 months from your Marriage Visa issue date at UK based Register Office or another approved venue that is permitted to conduct UK marriages. You must be able to prove your intention to marry each other in the UK by providing suitable documentary evidence.
  • You must provide satisfactory evidence that you and your Fiancée will live together in the UK after getting married.
Adequate Accommodation:
  • There must be a suitable accommodation for you, your Fiancée and any dependents and the property MUST not be overcrowded. In order to meet this requirement we can provide a valid Housing Inspection Survey Report or Immigration Property Inspection Report as part of your Visa application.
Income Requirements:
  • The sponsor should earn a minimum gross income of £18,600 per year for at least 6 months or 12 months if they are self employed sole trader or a Limited company director.
  • If the sponsor is not working then they should have enough cash savings or non employment income sources (from property rental or pensions) to be able to sponsor you.  The sponsor can where applicable “mix and match” certain income sources to meet the Home Office Financial Requirements for Family and Partner Migration.
  • Sponsors can also rely on UK Government benefits that they receive and be exempted from the main Home Office Financial Requirements of meeting the £18,600 income rule if they are in receipt of benefits such as Personal Independence Payments (PIP), Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Carers Allowance. However by receiving benefits does not mean that the process automatically becomes easier as the Sponsor must still show to the UK Immigration Authorities that they can adequately support their overseas national partner after housing costs have been deducted from their benefits. The Home Office also permit cash savings held by the sponsor to be used in addition to the benefits in order prove that the adequate maintenance rule has been met.
Secure English Language Tests:
  • Under UK Immigration Regulations all fiancés, spouses, partners and unmarried partners are required to sit an English Test and pass at a minimum grade of A1 Level. Unless the overseas national is part of a majority English speaking country they must sit the Speaking and Listening test at an approved centre either in their country of origin or if applying for further leave to remain (within the UK) on the basis of marriage, then they can sit the test at an regulated centre in the UK.