Why Visas are Refused?

If you are a British citizen or hold Indefinite Leave to Remain and you wish to sponsor your overseas national wife, husband, partner or Fiancée on a UK Family Migration or Settlement Visa then you MUST be completely familiar of the legitimate reasons of why so many UK Spouse, Fiancée and Partner Visas are refused. What may seem to be an unreasonable decision by the UK Visa Department is in fact in many cases completely legal with Entry Clearance Officers (British Visa Staff) simply following UK Immigration Requirements and Laws. It is common now for the Home Office to not even alert Sponsors and Visa applicants about missing or inadequate Visa documents and they will automatically refuse the Visa.

Significant reasons that will lead to the rejection of your UK Settlement visa application include:

  • The sponsor not meeting the mandatory UK Financial Requirements from the outset or providing poor quality documentation regarding their Income. The Home Office will refuse applications in all cases where the Financial Requirements have not been met.
  • The sponsor not having adequate accommodation in the UK. Normally this means that the property is overcrowded with the couple not being able to live there. UK Visa Officials will expect that an Immigration Property Inspection Report is provided to satisfy that this requirement has been met under the UK Settlement accommodation rules.
  • The lack of personal face to face contact between the UK Sponsor and the foreign migrant partner. The UK Immigration Regulations state that you should have met at least once. Large gaps between the first meeting and subsequent meetings are looked at very carefully.
  • Regular attempts by the overseas visa applicant to obtain a UK visa, or gain access to the UK, if they committed an Immigration Offence.
  • The UK Visa applicant overstayed their Visa and was residing illegally in the UK.
  • The applicant was previously deported from the UK after breaking UK Immigration Laws or committing a criminal offence. This can vary from illegally overstaying their visa, submitting forged visa documents, driving offences to committing serious crimes such as theft and assaults.
  • The applicant was previously refused a Visa by the British Embassy or they were refused entry on arrival into the UK at the airport or seaport. The latter is very common for nationals of countries that DO NOT need a Visa before travelling to the UK as visitors.
  • Sponsor and Overseas partner are unable to prove evidence of their relationship.
To understand more about potential UK Visa problems and how it can affect your Settlement application and the chances of successfully obtaining the legal right to enter and reside in the UK please contact our UK Visa Legal Team today.